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Griffin Cider Works is proud to offer distinctively unique “Real English-style Ciders” as well as several unique specialties. If you are a fan of the commonly available apple concentrate based ciders or are a 'Real Cider' newbie, you’ll immediately notice a striking difference with Griffin. You may not be able to describe that dissimilarity in words, but much like comparing a craft beer and a production-line beer… you’ll know it’s there!

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Our Hard Ciders:

New Griffin Original Hard Cider

Griffin Original

A medium English-style cider, clear and crisp. Fermented for a short time with wild yeasts before our commercial 'cider' yeasts are added. Griffin Original is the quintessential West Country English-style cider.  “If you close your eyes at the first sip, you’re almost guaranteed to have visions of Robin Hood.  It’s British with a capital 'B'." 

(6.99% alc. by vol.)

Burley Man

Burley Man

A medium-dry English farmhouse style cider, robust, full bodied and unfiltered. For those who enjoy the taste of Griffin Original, Burley Man delivers a bolder flavor and a slightly drier body.  Its cloudiness and rustic nature are more in keeping with the traditional English farm-style ciders of the past. 

(7.5% alc. by vol.)

Strong Woman

Strong Woman

A medium English cider finished with a cherry flavor enhancement to produce a pinkish red specialty cider. This is a charity cider: the proceeds are donated to support the fight against breast cancer. Strong Woman is produced in small batches only in March and October. Through Strong Woman Cider, Griffin honors breast cancer victims and salutes its strong survivors!

(6.5% alc. by vol.)

Honey Oak

Honey Oak

A medium, oak-aged honey cider made with four varieties of Ohio honey and nitro-carbonated. Honey Oak is briefly fermented with wild yeasts prior to an English beer yeast being added for an extended period.  And finally, our commercial 'Cider' yeasts are added.

This is a cider to savor.  The crisp cider taste is perfectly complimented with the sweetness of Ohio honey and a light, almost smoky oak flavor. Honey Oak is best consumed slowly, gently allowing the nitrogen to express the rich and complex flavors.  

(6.99% alc. by vol.)

Lemon Blues

The Lemon Blues

A lemon shandy cider infused with fresh lemons and finished with Ohio honey and a sprinkle of brown sugar. Enjoy chilled or over ice in the hot summer months while listening to your favorite Blues! 

The Lemon Blues™ takes its name from our brewers' childhood summers of attending The Blues concerts in Gloucestershire, England.

(6.99% alc. by vol.)

Country Cottage

Jolly Friar

A medium sweet ‘Cider Black.’ A delightfully different take on the Cider Black common to the UK and Ireland. A traditional English cider aged with a small amount of elderberries and finished with blackcurrants. An intense fruity and full cider, well bodied and intriguing - a very pleasurable experience for all. Serve chilled up to 45F.

Format: 22oz bottles and 1/6bbl draft (1/2bbl special order)

Country Cottage

After Burner

“Ginger Ale’d” Cider – a medium, English-styled ‘Cider Ginger. Blended with fresh ginger and allowed to mellow for a rich and refreshing cider that is great to enjoy with the return of the ‘good weather.’ The ginger adds a nice light bite and provides a lasting and satisfying finish. Serve over ice or thoroughly chilled.

Format: 22oz bottles and 1/6bbls draft (1/2bbl special order)

Wine Like

Loly Romy

Lolo Romy

A medium-sweet specialty cider infused with Philippine mangos for a smooth and aromatic experience. Makes a great aperitif or as an alternative to Moscato etc. Griffin’s other “original” cider and reminiscent of fruit-based tropical island beverages. 

“Lolo” is “grandfather” in Tagalog, the national language of the Philippine Islands.  Lolo Romy is a merited tribute to Richard’s father-in-law whereby the pleasant sweetness of mangoes delicately balances the sensible tartness of apples. 

(12% alc. by vol.)

Country Cottage

Country Cottage

A medium specialty cider infused with elderflower for a unique taste sensation. Staying true to traditional springtime English-elderflower wines, Country Cottage holds its own as a stand-alone beverage or may be enjoyed with entrees such as pasta, chicken and fish.  Its wine-like character makes it a perfect cocktail, supper pairing or compliment to most desserts.

(11.5% alc. by vol.)

The Sheriff's Men series:

Black Hex (Baron de Belleme)

A medium sweet pumpkin Cider. Specially formulated for Halloween season. This seasonal specialty is gently spiced with ginger and nutmeg and blended with fresh pumpkin and blackcurrants giving a spell binding beverage which tantalizes the taste buds and warms the spirit! Serve chilled to 45F.

Burley XB Scrumpy

a dry English farmhouse-style scrumpy cider. A drier, even more full bodied Burley Man - though ‘Xtra Burley!’ An uplifting “Full ML” Scrumpy for the experienced ‘Real Craft Cider’ fans produced in small batches, expertly blended and painstakingly oak conditioned for over six months. Not recommended for the newbies this cider packs a punch! Serve from 50F to room temp.

Coming Soon

- Future release (John Little)

- Future release (Robin of Sherwood)

Griffin Cider is the true embodiment of authentic and traditional English Cider. In fact Griffin is ...


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We founded Griffin Cider Works in 2010 because we wanted to create a high quality cider similar to the ones we were used to drinking in Great Britain. Read more...

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The Griffin is a mythological creature that is reminiscent of the American Eagle and the British lion. Richard chose to brand his products with a Griffin to symbolize his status as an Anglo-American.

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