We founded Griffin Cider Works in 2010 in Westlake, Ohio. We wanted to create a high quality cider similar to the ones we were used to drinking in Great Britain. To achieve this, we source Ohio for the best quality apples and blend select varieties to deliver a most premium taste.

Griffin Cider Works �?artisan ciders made in Ohio!



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About Us

About UsOur goal at Griffin Cider Works is to provide top quality cider for our customers. We also focus on supporting local businesses and orchards. All of our ciders are made with apples grown in Northeast Ohio.

Company History

The Griffin Cider Works was founded in 2010 by British immigrant Richard Read, who had originally wanted to make a cider that was reminiscent of the ciders found near where he grew up in Herefordshire, England. Richard started creating a number of different ciders; some like a traditional English style cider and others quite novel. Several ciders were sampled by the Cellar Rats home brew club and Ohio Brewfest Judges and the finishing touches were put on the recipes.

During this time the proprietor of J.W. Dover Inc. graciously offered the use of a basement facility (formerly J.W. Dover winery) for Richard to use and thus Griffin Cider Works was born. The first cider produced by the company is the mango-infused specialty cider named Lolo Romy and is currently available for purchase. Please see our customer list to find a vendor location near you.

Personal History

Lolo RomyI have been making alcoholic cider since I was 14 years old. Back then, it should have really been referred to as "Richard Read Unplanned". The cider was about 5% alc/vol and quite tasty but I had no idea what I was doing, however I did learn some important lessons that I still carry with me to ensure I make the best cider I can!

I arrived to these shores in 2005 and started a family with my wife Rose. It was not long before I realized I could not find my cider of choice, or any cider for that matter that quite hit the spot! To alleviate the drawback of not having an acceptable cider close by, I started to experiment with making my own cider that would be similar to those that I drank when I was still living in the UK.

Things were hard as most of the apples in traditional west of England cider are not readily available in the U.S. I began to blend various apples that were available, and through a series of 4 different ciders, I was able to to make a true English-style cider that we now call "Griffin Original."

So why "Lolo Romy" first? Lolo Romy started as a side project that quickly took off and became very popular with friends and family. Nobody had made a Philippine mango-infused cider before, and its style was unlike any English ciders before it; hence I call it an "Anglo-American cider." The naming pays homage to my late father in-law; 'Lolo' meaning Grandfather in native Philippine language Tagalog and 'Romy' being short for Romulo. "Lolo Romy" is the name my son would have known his grandfather as, so Lolo Romy became our flagship as much for popularity as a sense of spiritual and family importance.


Griffin Cider Works �?J.W.Dover Inc.
24945 Detroit Rd �?Westlake, OH 44145

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